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Chemical Storage Container

In order to obtain export authorization to the EU, South African fruit and wine farmers must meet the specifications set out by GLOBAL G.A.P.

This authorization is devolved to various industries and inspections are carried out regularly on farms to ensure that any and all requirements are met.

These regulations encompass various factors, including:

• quality accommodation for farm workers

• available ablution facilities in orchards and vineyards

• protective clothing

• the safe storage of agricultural chemicals

In order to gain their certification, Noble Hill Wine Estate approached Topshell to design and construct a custom chemical storage container.

The specifications stipulated that all deadly toxins be stored behind bars. For toxins considered less hazardous, we also constructed custom-sized cabinets in accordance with Global G.A.P specifications.

Other features included:

  • Separate Locking Compartments as per specification.
  • Specialized Ventilation: For air circulation within the container. This reduces the build-up of toxic fumes.
  • Waterproof Flooring: In the unfortunate event of a chemical spill, the floor won’t absorb the harmful substance. This waterproof barrier extends up to the wall, creating a seamless insulated surface.
  • Drip Trays: To prevent the leaching of harmful chemicals.
  • A Shower and Eye/Hand basin: In the accidental case of contact with contaminants, exposed individuals can decontaminate immediately.
  • A Door Bunt: In the event of a spill, this additional measure will prevent the toxins from flowing out any imperceptible crevices.
  • A stainless steel measuring table.
  • A stainless steel mixing table.

To prevent unauthorized and/or forced entry, we also equipped the container with a custom-made lock box.

Equipped with high-level expertise and firsthand experience, Topshell Containers can help you meet these strict compliance requirements by customizing a chemical storage container according the standards set by this global authority.

We can also assist with on site ablution and affordable employee accommodation.

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